Singulart features

Added Sep 19, 2020

Some of my work gets featured this week at Singulart. Particularly glad for this drawing from 2015, that still remains one of my own favourite charcoals. Thanks Singulart!


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Pawel Janicki - Planet Earth

Added Apr 3, 2020

planet-earth2cr.jpgOne of the fruits of our recent exhibition is this colaboration with Pawel Janicki.

Pawel, an undercover musical prodigy living in Kielce, showed up at our opening. We had a very interesting talk and he offered some really original insights into what we presented. By the end of the evening we ended up agreeing that I should provide a cover image for his new album, finished these very days and now in mastering.

Listening to these sounds I felt they would match well with the painting I made a couple of years earlier- the image, in my own perception of it, was a visual meditation on sound - the primal vibration that brings matter into being. As such it seems very much in place in this muscial context.

Pawel's is very vast and spacious music - flowing through motifs never holding on to any. Deeply recommended - and he's offering digital version of the album as free download via Jamendo - here's the link

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Go Green

Added Dec 17, 2019

A small linocut of mine from earlier this year is getting featured this week in 'Go Green' collection guest-curated by Christine Hall at Artfinder. Many thanks!g18007cont.jpg

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'Roots Awake' shortlisted for Portraits from the Precipice prize/exhibition

Added Nov 18, 2019


This digital/photographic work of mine has been shortlisted for the 'Portraits from the Precipice' project organised by Artfinder together with Octopus Energy that funds and promotes renewable energy projects around the world - the idea behind the contest is of raising awareness about how important sustainability is and how urgently we have to start taking care - so I'm more than happy to parttake in this.

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Featured this week

Added Oct 24, 2019

Another feature this week. The furry charcoal gets selected for Artmajeur's Editor's Picks. Merci!p-kret-ry2016001-48x66.jpg

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Added Oct 21, 2019

Got this small monotype featured in Artfinder's Editor's Pick this week curated by Kristine Hall. Thanks!

Przedwiosnie 2019

Added Jul 1, 2019

Happy to announce that 3 of my paintings have been selected for an annual exhibition Przedwiosnie by BWA Kielce and will be showing in Kielce Poland,

The vernisage is already tomorrow 21.06.2019, at 17:00, and the show will run until 21.08.

of the three, the Crystalizing Light will be featured in the exhibition's catalogue



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Added Mar 27, 2019

untitled-2.jpg"Seraph", one of the latest oils will be showing at a collective exhibition "KwAdraT" at Szklep ze Sztuka starting this Friday (Wesola 50, Kielce , 29.03.2019, 6pm)

[the special effect looking glass photo by Sklep's one and only Grzegorz Degejda, dzieki Grzesku!]

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Rubedo echoes

Added Nov 24, 2017

In today's Echo, Marta Baran writes a very nice review of our current exhibition at Sklep ze Sztuka. The article is here if you speak Polish .jpg

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Upcoming exhibition 24.11

Added Oct 12, 2017

Happy to announce the "Rubedo" - upcoming show with Ambra Nanut in Kielce, Poland. We will be showing an overview of our work from the last few years - it feels a lot like a culmination of an important work we've both done and I am looking very forward to seeing it all hanging together in the very special space that is Sklep ze Sztuka

The exhibition opens 24.11 at 6pm


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