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Added Apr 3, 2020

Pawel Janicki - Planet Earth

planet-earth2cr.jpgOne of the fruits of our recent exhibition is this colaboration with Pawel Janicki.

Pawel, an undercover musical prodigy living in Kielce, showed up at our opening. We had a very interesting talk and he offered some really original insights into what we presented. By the end of the evening we ended up agreeing that I should provide a cover image for his new album, finished these very days and now in mastering.

Listening to these sounds I felt they would match well with the painting I made a couple of years earlier- the image, in my own perception of it, was a visual meditation on sound - the primal vibration that brings matter into being. As such it seems very much in place in this muscial context.

Pawel's is very vast and spacious music - flowing through motifs never holding on to any. Deeply recommended - and he's offering digital version of the album as free download via Jamendo - here's the link

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