Przemek Kret

An ongoing series of paintings where non-separatedness of all we tend to experience serves as both subject matter and compositional principle. Visual meditations on unified, non-divided field of experience. Nothing here substantial in its essence; nothing possible to define apart from its environment and context; nothing is permanent, since what we experience through senses is but an ever-changing flow; vivid and fresh every moment and impossible to grasp at - because there is nothing there to grasp 
... and only after we really stop trying to, only than does the world reveal its true face of wonder
Anatta, Mycorrhizal
oil on board 21x30, 2021

Soil spirituality; metaphysics of gardening.
Seriously though, turns out that the ground beneath our feet is an absolute pure mirracle if we stop and try to really understand the richness and brilliancy of what happens there - the mindblowing variety of life manifestations, all intertwined and interdependent. Non-separatedness nurturing life that thrives in it. This work is my tribute and meditation on that
Animal Awareness
oil on board 21x30, 2021

I live and work deep within nature. Which implies sharing space with so many wild animals - living beneath, above and all around; passing through here day and night. We find a way to coexist and not obstruct one another. It is also truly fascinating to open up and start discovering empathetic glimpses of how they might experience their lives. Inevitably I find traces of those insights in my painting too - particularly present in this recent work here, hence the title

Nirmanakaya, Late October
oil on bard, 21x30, 2021

The gentle pervasive warmth, the radiance, the sense of participation.

By Twilight I Travel Unbound
oil on board 2021
You know that opening moment, just after sunset, where everything gets unbound from its contours; things merge and morph into one another in your eyes, inviting you to join...

Silent Illumination
oil on board 2022
"...It knows without touching things, It illumines without facing objects.
Knowing without touching things, Its knowledge is inherently subtle;
Illuminating without facing objects, Its illumination is inherently mysterious.
Its knowledge inherently subtle, It is ever without discriminatory thought;
Its illumination inherently mysterious, It is ever without a hair's breadth of sign.
Ever without discriminatory thought, Its knowledge is rare without peer;
Ever without a hair's breadth of sign, Its illumination comprehends without grasping.
The water is clear right through to the bottom, A fish goes lazily along.
The sky is vast without horizon, A bird flies far away." (by Cheng-chueh)

The Dreamer Awakens
oil on board, 2022
It happens every once in a while. An awakening within a dream. Sudden lucidity when all becomes vivid and unbound

Through the Gateless Barrier
oil on board, 2022

Nothing As It Seems
oil on linen panel, 2022
"Things are not as they seem,
nor are they otherwise
(the Lankavatara Sutra)

There, like the Sun Who Lights the Sky
oil on board, 2022
"When things are fully manifest
To the ardent, meditating brahman
There, like the Sun who lights the Sky
He stands, repelling Mara's hosts"
(from the Pali Tri[itaka)

If thre's a tiniest bit of dust in your eyes, flowers in the sky will fall profusely
oil on board, 2022

oil on linen, 2022
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