Przemek Kret

Kore Soteira (2020) Sold

19.7x19.7x0.8 in ~ Painting, Oil


Symbolist work that has to do with lunar energies, underworld, love and rejuvenation.
It's purely spontaneous expression of an inner experience and not made as an illustration of any specific myth or idea; and the image -as often - speaks better than words.
The title instead - that came already after finishing the piece - I borrowed from the Orphic cosmogonies, finding it to be a perfect match for what the image conveys to me.
It's ancient Greek for 'the saviour maiden' and as such was a customary euphemism addressing Persephona. I love the sound of the phrase itself and that it emphasises that the queen of the underworld is in her essence the rejuvanating force of nature.

The painting is in oil on stretched canvas, gloss varnished with damar resin.
The sides are finished matt black so there is no need for framing. Comes ready to hang.


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