Meditation spaces
3 Artworks

What I'm aiming for in this series is somehow closer to the way one experiences sound than visual stimuli and at the same time attentive to keep these soundscapes in close dialogue with the body; unblocking and harmonizing the energy flow within.

The Unabstracted
13 Artworks

Stray angels
12 Artworks

Figurative pieces attempting to reach out past the merely sensory perception of experienced reality

Postcards from within
18 Artworks

These smaller works on paper often carry their own special kind of magic. The process being faster and more of a creativity freeflow with them than is with oils makes it possible to record specific moments, passing visions and inspirations as they happen. I like to think of them as postcards from all those amazing places we carry within us -often without realising- and portraits of the beings encountered along the road...

11 Artworks

Dreams overlaped with remembered places, childhood memories from parallel universes with things yet to happen - charcoal does that to me...

4 Artworks

Sculpting is meditation; and form is an opening. I love how long it takes to carve each of them...

14 Artworks

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