Paintings 2019
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Paintings 2018
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Mixed-Media Drawings
18 Artworks

These smaller works on paper often carry their own special kind of magic. The process being faster and more of a creativity freeflow with them than is with oils makes it possible to record specific moments, passing visions and inspirations as they happen. I like to think of them as postcards from all those amazing places we carry within us -often without realising- and portraits of the beings encountered along the road...

10 Artworks

Dreams overlaped with remembered places, childhood memories from parallel universes with things yet to happen - charcoal does that to me...

Earlier Paintings
12 Artworks

a selection of my older pieces; Fun to put this surreal crew together again in here, and think how they are spread in various places around the globe. Nice feeling.

13 Artworks

4 Artworks

Sculpting is meditation; and form is an opening. I love how long it takes to carve each of them...

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