6 artworks

Series of drawings exploring the inherent connection of 'the organic' and 'the cosmic' - truly realizing this has literally turned my world around and brought about some amazing new openings in my work

The Unabstracted
20 artworks in slowly emerging and revealing itself from the initial spontaneous lay-in. Images that come to the surface are often unexpected and every time deeply transformative, Not always understood, always felt, meditated upon, at times engaged in a visual kind of dialogue, negotiation of meanings and release of energy. the work is of self discovery and self transcendence; of experiencing and unlocking the creative flow that animates our very being

Meditation spaces
7 artworks

Serene spaces to open up to and meditate. Flow and harmony are the guiding principles here compositionwise. And sound - visual soundscapes is probably a good optic to apply in their reception.

9 artworks

Visual Glossolalia
3 artworks

Leaving meaning behind and diving into the playful abstract surreal universe of unnamed shapes and forms - favouring fluidity over definitions in this new series and direct gesture over polished gradient.

7 artworks

scenes from beyond and below, from within and without. glimpses of moments that came free of time.

Works on Paper
18 artworks

10 artworks

Dreams overlaped with remembered places, childhood memories from parallel universes with things yet to happen - charcoal does that to me...

5 artworks

Sculpting is meditation; and form is an opening. I love how long it takes to carve each of them...

15 artworks

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