Drawings 2020-2021
2 artworks

A new series of big charcoals ahead. Based on all the visual material gathered in the last 20 years of nomadic life - there is so much I've seen and experienced that I feel calls to be developed and unravelled on paper. A kaleidoscope of places truly and I'm really looking forward to the opening that it will reveal as they merge and intertwine... all I know for now is that at the base of all those experiences I always find one and everlasting nature animating them...and I have a feeling this is

Paintings 2020
15 artworks

The Unabstracted 2019-2020
29 artworks

...as in slowly emerging and revealing itself from the initial spontaneous lay-in. Images that come to the surface are often unexpected and every time deeply transformative, Not always understood, always felt, meditated upon, at times engaged in a visual kind of dialogue, negotiation of meanings and release of energy. the work is of self discovery and self transcendence; of experiencing and unlocking the creative flow that animates our very being

6 artworks

Series of drawings exploring the inherent connection of 'the organic' and 'the cosmic' - truly realizing this has literally turned my world around and brought about some amazing new openings in my work

Works on Paper 2017-2019
19 artworks

Smaller works in oil pastels, ink, charcoal, chalk and paint made between 2017 and 2019

Drawings 2014-2019
10 artworks

Selection of big size charcoal works from before 2019

5 artworks

Sculpting is meditation; and form is an opening. I love how long it takes to carve each of them...

Earlier Paintings
14 artworks

series of oil paintings made between 2014 and 2018

15 artworks

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