Przemek Kret

Release (2021)

23.6x19.7x1.2 in ~ Painting, Oil

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Very nordic palette here.
Symbolical work that is a good example of how painting can become a deeply transformative act. It started out as an imaginary inner landscape, but at a certain point in the process without any conscious intention on my part a building appeared in the distance - an ancient tower, very much like your classic wizard's tower you'd find in a fantasy novel, where you'd have some secluded guy scheming his deluded plans. In short, whichever dubious part of my subconscious that came from, I didn't like it by a bit and certainly didn't want it in my painting. But rather than repriming the whole thing I decided to somehow take the chance and symbolically deconstruct this structure. I set the intention and started moving my brush around that are - and soon realized where before was the tower bird silhouettes start appearing. Something archetypaly classic about this solution for sure yet it came fully unplanned and accompanied by a strong sense of relief and lightness - something good clearly happened on a symbolical level... and I also have a nice painting as a side effect.
Oil on linen canvas, gallery wrapped, sides painted matte black so no need for framing, comes ready to hang.


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