Alchemical Marriage (2016)

19.7x15.8x1.2 in ~ Painting, Oil

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Composition here is loosely inspired by El Greco's "Los desposorios de la Virgen" that I've had around while living in Bucharest for some time (the work's in the collection of the art museum there). I've felt particularly drawn to it at first sight and kept returning regularly, spending hours with it as a kind of meditation - finding a space free from the urban noise (got smarter since than and I don't live in cities anymore :) )
Clearly as a result of that on day this work has appeared on canvas in my studio - I haven't consiously planned it in any way - however the composition, the forms where there in my inner eye and it just painted itself without me even realising.
It's a reinterpretation naturaly and much transformed as you can see - there wouldn't be a point of just repainting the masterpiece. This is rather my inner subconscious dialog with what the forms and the scene meant to me.
In place of 3 figures (There is a church official in Greco's work between the couple)I painted the 2 on their own, and well, more relevantly still the figures -originally a young noble couple- here became supernatural and very otherworldly. There is the mesmerizing feeling I perceive in their connection - a very timeless bond, oddly eerie yet in a strangest way fragile and emotional.
Somehow it's hard to put it in words very well and I think this is always the most amazing thing about visual art that images can evoke meanings wider and more subtle than language. So I leave the description at this and let you stay with the image itself...


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